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Five Things To Do With Your Life Now Breaking Bad’s Over

The greatest TV show of the last few years (maybe ever) is over. For many people, myself included, waiting for a new episode of Breaking Bad was like waiting for Christmas day (only better, because you didn’t have to pretend to be happy or spend time with distant family).

So much time and effort was put into waiting and speculating over the finale that now it’s passed us by, we feel dazed. Confused, even. Many of us have stepped outside for the first time in months, blinking in the bright, harsh sunlight and wondering if Breaking Bad was even real to begin with, or if we collectively willed the perfect TV show from the ether and beamed it right into our subconscious.

So as we question our very perceptions of reality and the world around us, here are five things we can do to help ease the pain of  PBBD (Post Breaking Bad Depression).

Watch The Sopranos

If you like Breaking Bad, you will like The Sopranos. Fact. Vince Gilligan has cited the hit mobster drama as a major influence on more than one occasion. The story of a mafia boss who suffers from deep set emotional anxiety issues and depression is a little slower and a lot more talky than Breaking Bad, but by God it’s got a fucking cool theme tune, stellar actors and unparalleled writing. Six seasons is more than enough to stave off the PBBD.

Cook Meth

If Breaking Bad taught us anything, it’s how to build a successful drugs empire. All you need to do is shave your head, kill a lot of people, posion a kid, blow up a nursing home, emotionally maim your partner till he’s a shell of man, machine gun down a load of nazis and finally die on the floor of your grubby meth lab from a bullet wound. Should keep you busy.

Start a Jigsaw

Make it a big one. A thousand pieces at least, that should help keep your mind of things. Just make sure it isn’t anything that could associated with Breaking Bad, like a blue crystal, a fedora or Hule.

And remember kids, only a prick doesn’t start with the corners.

Rewatch Breaking Bad

It’ll never have quite the same impact as it did the first time around but come on; Breaking Bad is still and incredible, entertaining show that definitely deserves a number of repeat viewings.

By watching again, we might pick up on foreshadowing or details we never would have got the first time and If nothing else, we can point at Gus every time he comes onscreen and laugh knowingly.

Listen to Baby Blue, alone, in the dark and cry

Every day for the rest of your sad miserable life. Because Breaking Bad is gone and it is never, ever coming back. Let’s all just lie down and give up, eh?