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Nintendo Announce A Link to the Past 2!

If it wasn’t my job to actually inform in some way, I would be reporting on this by simply smashing my head on the keyboard until I passed out and hope that someone would come along and click publish for me.

Yes, Nintendo have announced a sequel for game that is nearly twenty years old. Zelda has never really been big on linearity I suppose.

While many were hoping for news of a 3DS remake for Majora’s Mask, this announcement has surprised fans everywhere, despite Nintendo previously stating that they were keen to see how ALTTP’s top down world would look with depth and height. Now we know. Glorious.

The game, which currently has no official title, will take place in the same world as the SNES classic, A Link to the Past but is by no means a remake.

The trailer demonstrates a curious ability Link now has to become a drawing and slide across walls, as well as showcasing classic items like the bow, mallet and sword and shield. Obviously.

Zelda 3DS (Or ALTTP 2) is scheduled for release holiday season 2013. Praise be to Nintendo.

BBC Releases Teaser Image for New Doctor Who… and Glimpse of New Look Ice Warriros


The image is the first offcial shot of series 7b, which will also serve as the lead up to Doctor Who’s anticipated 50th anniversary in November.

The picture shows glimpses of various enemies returning for the show such as Cybermen, who will appear in a story by Neil Gaiman and the return of the Ice Warriors who have not been featured in the show since the 70s.

Doctor Who series 7b will air on BBC One on the 30th of March.