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Single Review: Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Pop Punk superstars Fall Out Boy recently announced their reunion(although they insist they never actually broke up, their hiatus from 2009 onwards would suggest otherwise) with a new tour and album titled: “Save Rock and Roll”.

Queue 19 and 20 year old girls across the country dying their hair exciting colours and reactivating long dead Myspace accounts in a desperate fit of nostalgia fueled craze.

I was especially excited to hear a return to form after the disappointing last album. “Well the new album is called Save Rock and Roll” I thought. “It’s got to be a return to the straight up pop punk of old, right?” Wrong.

For an album called Save Rock and Roll, the lead single can only be some cruel joke on the part of Fall Out Boy. My Songs Know.. is a painfully empty sounding and generic piece of pop chart bollocks. A cautionary tale, a clear attempt to reinvent themselves as something more than a pop punk and becoming so much less.

Sadly, while most bands clearly change their sound to suit themselves, FOB are obviously clinging to relevance with an empty effort that lacks any heart.

You have to admire the irony. Fall Out Boy began as outsiders who hit the big time without even trying. Now they’re all dressed up as the cool kids with a chart friendly sound, and it seems that nobody wants to know.