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Doctor Who Series 7 Finale Leaked?

According to the Official Doctor Who Facebook page, a lucky few in America have recieved their series 7 part 2 box sets. Obviously, this means the last episode, the fan boy baiting Name of the Doctor is out there ready to be leaked. If reports are to be believed of course.

You see, I think it’s bullshit. A publicity stunt.

Despite the fact Moffat has promised a special clip of the 10th and 11th Doctors if no details of the finale get out, I’m convinced it would be everywhere. Not even The Moff can control the entire internet. This would have exploded by now… call me a cynic, but that’s the way I think it is.

Moreover, I don’t for a second think that Moffat is above using something like this as a ploy to boost publicity. That man is one crafty old jackrabbit.

I love Doctor Who, but I’m afraid if it was out there I would not be able to wait. Not for an episode as tantalising as this little gem. However, I think we will be waiting till Saturday and we should all just stay calm and maybe avoid the shadier corners of the internet… just in case.