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Doctor Who: Journey To the Center Of the TARDIS – Review (7/10)

It seems a bit odd to start reviewing a series towards the end of its run, but I just started this blog. It’s my blog. DEAL WITH IT.

It was my fault, really. I should never have heaped on the ridiculous levels of expectation for this episode but, an entire episode set in the depths of the TARDIS, the most iconic and wonderous ship in all of science fiction? The only episodes I were looking forward to more were the 50th special and the Neil Gaiman Cyberman episode.

Alas, I think this episode was always going to dissapoint me in some way. It doesn’t help that the supporting cast were three planks of extra bland bland wood from bland and son. One dickhead and two likeable guys I can deal with. Three dickheads is just boring. They were my main peeve with the episode and why I had to get that out of the way upfront.

So basically, we’re trapped inside the TARDIS for a good 45 minutes with three annoying tits and The Doctor and Clara who were, as always, nothing short of brilliant so there isn’t much point in going into that. The main character in this episode was really, the TARDIS.

It’s probably just because I’ve been a fan my entire life that I felt a little short changed by the repetive corridors and very brief glimpses at other rooms. That library was pretty cool and it would have been nice to spend a little more time in places like that. On that note, if The Doctor is the only survivor of the Time War, who wrote that book on the Time War Clara found? The only reason I struggle to believe it was The Doctor is because his name was in it. Why would he write his name in a book if he is so scared of anyone finding it out?

Moving on, it would have been nice to maybe see a past console room or two, but this is all just fan greed. The Eye of Harmony looked fantastic, as did the center of the TARDIS and the creepy lava monsters. Even if the latters’ explanation was a little underwhelming.

There were some cool nostalgic touches such as hearing companions and Doctors past talking about the TARDIS, as well as the Doctor’s cot and Amy Ponds little TARDIS model. Bless.

Overall it’s a little infuriating how all the secrets are brought out and let put back neatly away by a plot reset button. I usually don’t mind time rewinds or such things but at the expense of any plot development? Bah. At the end of the day it was a decent enough episode but just failed to deliver on the promise of its concept and failed to deliver any real breakthroughs for the TARDIS crew. A missed oppurtinity in my book.

Then again, even on its worse day, Doctor Who is still the best thing on television so what do I know?