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Breaking Bad: Felina Review (9/10)

(More spoilers than a tin of hot fried spoilers)

Well then, that’s that. No abrupt cut to black, no twist “it was all a dream” ending and thankfully no surprise Malcolm in the Middle reveal at the very last minute. Breaking Bad is finally over after five seasons of near perfect television and by God, it was the most satisfying finale since Rachel got off the plane.

We weren’t left wondering, we weren’t left hanging and nobody thought that anything should be left open to interpretation. It was uncompromising, tense and packed full of punch the air f**k yeah moments from Badger and Skinny P’s surprise appearance to Jesse throttling Todd to death (the most satisfying moment of anything, ever).

Of course, a lot of it was predictable, but that is by no means a bad thing. The seeds of this episode have been sown since the start of series five. Walt had a rather large machine gun, some ricin and death in his eyes. How else was that gonna end? Of course no one can say they saw Walt using the machine gun in quite the way he did and it was fantastic to see Walt proving once again that he is one smart bastard.

Everyone got their closure. Skylar and Walt’s scene in the kitchen, where he finally admits that he did it all for himself and no one else… stellar acting from Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston. If you didn’t well up even a little as Walt says goodbye to Holly and watches Junior through the window then you have a small black rock where your soul should be.

Walt giving Skylar the location of Hank’s body was also a tidy move that allows Skylar leverage with the DA and a way out, while also giving Marie the closure of a proper burial for poor old Hank (who I still expected to pop up and save everything at some point by the way).

My only real problem with the “goodbye half” of this episode was Walt Jr’s lack of closure. I suppose after everything Walt did, he shouldn’t get off so easily that everyone suddenly understands and forgives him. His actions, all supposedly for his family should cost him his son. There was a fitting irony to this, although it still didn’t sit entirely right with me.

Of course what can I really say about Walt’s spontaneous Grey Matter reunion, other than that it was beyond beautiful to see him make them piss their pants and finally find a way to get his hard earned money to his family.

And then, Walt kills people. A lot of people. Getting Lydia with the Ricin (thank God they finally used it), gunning down a gang of armed nazis, saving Jesse and finally lying down to die in the (metaphorical) arms of the one thing he truly loved in the end. His meth lab.

Everything Walt did in this episode proved what we all knew from the start. You do not mess with Heisenberg. He finally got to take the credit by dying in the lab and he finally regained a modicum of humanity through saving Jesse and avenging Hank.

Considering everything that has happened over the course of this phenomenal series, I really do not think anyone could have asked for more from the way it was all wrapped up.

Breaking Bad was one of the greats. A truly special, one of a kind show that never once wavered in it’s impeccable quality. Brilliant written, astonishingly acted and as addictive as a rock of the old blue meth we all love so much… The only question is, what on Earth do we do with our lives now?

On Finally Watching Breaking Bad

Don’t pelt me with soft balls of cheese or run me out of the village with pitchforks and flaming torches, but I only last week began watching Breaking Bad after finally succumbing to the many, many fervent recommendations of friends, reviews and the nagging voice at the back of my head that kept insisting I had to watch it.

I don’t know why it took me so long really. Maybe it’s because I’m powering through in my first watch through of The Sopranos with a friend (which is absolutely bloody brilliant by the way) and that alone is almost too much quality for me to take.

Maybe it’s because when I start a new TV series I know that I’m committing hours of my life, especially when it’s really good telly. I can happily dip in and out of Buffy or Doctor Who, in fact, re watching old episodes of other shows has a certain comfortable feel, whereas starting a brand new show takes a strange degree of effort that I really can’t put my finger on.

Of course everyone and their mums have been telling me that is one of the best television series of all time so I was certain that when I finally started, I could say goodbye to doing anything of any real use for a very long time. Especially since I’m four and a half series behind at this point.

At the time of finally tearing myself away to write this up, I have just witnessed a severed head on a turtle that then proceeded to explode. I did have to go back and rewatch just to make sure I had actually seen what I thought I saw. Breaking Bad is batshit mental and completely, utterly genius all at the same time.

The chemistry (just let it go) between the leading men is a joy to watch, the writing and the entire premise of the show is inspired and above all, the best thing about this program is that it is absolutely unpredictable. From the start of one episode to the end credits, something has shifted or twisted in a big, unexpected way and I love it. Case in point; a severed head on a turtle threw me enough, the fact it exploded made me want to go and lie down for a while.

I feel properly ashamed that it’s taken me so long to buckle down and get to grips with Breaking Bad, but now I’m here I’m loving every single second of this show. The fact that I already think this is a near perfect show and I’m only on season two scares me somewhat. Everybody who is up to speed insists that it just gets better, and that is frankly quite far beyond the limits of my comprehension.

Closing note; people are insisting that there are scarier folk than Tuco to come. If true please send help.