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Arctic Monkeys Track Reviews – 2013/Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Confession time; After the less than stellar Do I Wanna Know B Side 2013 stumbled out last week, I’ve been worried about The Arctic Monkey’s fifth outing.


While one might usually argue that you can’t judge a band by their B sides, the Arctics have till now consistently ensured that theirs have been nothing short of genius on par with any of their album tracks or singles.

2013 has shown me that the Sheffield lads do indeed have chinks in their armour. (If you argue that Humbug was a chink in the armour you can fuck off right now, but that ain’t the point).

2013 is musically dull and shockingly inadequate lyrically. While not a bad song by any stretch, it is easily the worst Arctic Monkey’s song I have ever heard.

Thankfully then, the brilliantly titled Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High has (for now at least) put to rest any worries that AM might be a bit shit. It’s nothing short of a funky, infectious tune that is a joy to keep on repeat for criminal amounts of time.

The Turner wit that was absent for 2013 seems to have returned in force, along with the bands’ ear for a hook. If the rest of the album can keep up the standard set by this and Do I Wanna Know, I’ll sleep easier.