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10 Things We Need to See In the Doctor Who 50th Special

So by now we all know that David Tennant and Billie Piper are coming back for the half century bash, along with the bloody Zygons (which I will never get bored of telling people) and the good old Brigadier’s Daughter. I for one, don’t believe we’ve had half the news and so here are ten more things that need to happen. I’m a greedy fan. Sue me.


Christopher Eccleston

Oh, he’s said he isn’t taking part… I don’t care. The 9th Doctor is the reason Doctor Who is back on our tellies and so popular. He was dark, funny and genuinely scary at times and one season was nowhere near enough of him frankly. Kidnap his family, buy him his own island. I don’t care, just get the bloody 9th Doctor back for this.


I think they’ve become slightly overused of late, but it wouldn’t be the 50th without an appearance from the shows first and most iconic monsters. They don’t have to drive the entire plot either, just a Five Doctors style ten minute scene would do. Provided it doesn’t involve The Doctor tricking it into firing at a mirror. Jesus.

Sophie Aldred

Because Ace was fucking brilliant, I don’t care what anyone else says.


Paul Mgann 

For my money, one of the best Doctors. That he only got one shot to play The Doctor on screen is criminal. If there was ever a chance for the 8th Doctor to get some more (well deserved) screen time, for the love of God, this is it. Of course, it helps that his Doctor was given a new look a year or so back and that he recently refused to rule out appearing…


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. If nothing else, it would be a nice tribute for the late, great Liz Sladen who we all know is going to be sorely missed in this very special episode that she should have (and I imagine would have) been a part of.

The Original Theme Music

Because screw looking to the future. I want the ethereal, simple and beautifully haunting 1963 score over the top of today’s magnificent CGI opening sequence. That, or the McCoy era theme. I always loved that one. I think I have a problem.

References a Plenty.

It’s been 50 years. I want Jelly Babies, long scarfs, cricket bats, Kamelion, the Eye of Harmony, Susan, Pease Pottage, Mike Yates, question mark lapels. Hell, name drop Adric. I’ll take it all. I am a reference whore.

The First Three Doctors

I know they’re all dead. However, they need to be included or acknowledged in some way, be it past footage or studio tomfoolery or whatever. If not Two and Three then at the very least William Hartnell needs some love as the man who started a fifty year and eleven man legacy.

A Decent Story

The Five Doctors was great, but if we look at it critically.. it wasn’t. A handful of characters were relegated to sitting around the TARDIS and we actually had to watch that when we all wanted to see how the actually action was moving along. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Five Doctors. But I want the 50th story to be a classic in its own right.


I know I’ve covered some already, but there you go. I love David Tennant and I am thrilled he’s coming back. But the way I see it, we have them all back or we have none of them back. I don’t think the fans give a shit if they don’t look how they used to. That’s been written away in the past. If it was ever going to be done and completely justified, it would be this extraordinary time in Who’s life. The Eleven Doctors. Make it happen, Moffat.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: What’s What

November 23rd 2013 marks fifty years of possibly the world’s most popular and enduring Science Fiction program: Doctor Who.

Only one other television program has celebrated fifty years of glory: Coronation Street. Let’s face facts, it’s going to be far more exciting to watch the fireworks Who showrunner Steven Moffat has planned for the 50th birthday of an alien who can travel anywhere in space and time, than it was to watch the 50th of a show about cobbled streets and misery.

This aside, fans are positively chomping at the bit to find out just what is in store for the show as it hits the big 5-0.

We already know about the Mark Gatiss penned drama depicting the series’ inception, and the BBC’s plans for an actual, feature length special episode to be aired on the 23rd, as well as shown in UK cinemas in 3D.

What we don’t know, is what is actually going to happen in the special. Plot details elude us completely. Will we see The Master? The Daleks? The Vervoids? Probably not the Vervoids, but here’s what we kind of know already (sort of).

There have been strong rumours that somehow, all eleven incarnations of The Doctor are to be included.

This is possible in that this is usually the norm for the Doctor’s anniversary bashes, with the Three Doctors and The Five Doctors marking his 10th and 20ths respectively.

This is also slightly less possible, in that the first three actors to have played The Doctor are dead. Of course, Richard Hurdnall fooled everyone into thinking he was First Doctor William Hartnell with a cunning disguise (similar hair) for the 20th. Maybe with some CGI and studio trickery, it will be possible to bring these Doctors back to life in some capacity.

For now, there have been absolutely no concrete details. Moffat has kept tight lipped on the whole thing, as has Matt Smith. At this time, we can only speculate on which companions, monsters and even Doctors might pop up.

Filming for the 50th special begins in Spring and series 7 part 2 airs in the UK at the end of March.